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I was looking for a cleaning service that I felt was reliable and trustworthy to clean my home on a regular basis. I had tried several other services and did not like the constant changeover in cleaning personnel, the slap-dash, in and out service and just general lack of interest in the quality of the cleaning.

Fortunately, I met Breginia Jordan of Perfection Cleaning of Tampa and my faith was restored. I have used them for over 2 years now for various cleanings from "regular" cleanings to party assistance and last but not least my garage "extreme makeover" and not only do I have a clean home, I also have piece of mind. I have left my keys with Breginia with confidence and that is the highest recommendation I can give.

A. de Ruijter, Tampa Palms

Dear Breginia,

As you know, at 91 years of age my days of cleaning my home myself are behind me.  Fortunately, I met you and Perfection Cleaning has been cleaning my apartment ever since (almost two years now).  Not only do you get the dusting and little stuff done for me but your crew eliminates the filth I know is there but cannot even see anymore.  The best part is your company’s  prices are affordable and on a fixed retirement income, this is a big comfort.

My message to the people of Tampa:

If you are senior citizen, hire them today.  If you have a family member that is a senior citizen, you really should buy him or her the gift of a clean home from Perfection Cleaning.

See you next week and thanks for always doing such a great job on my home!


Roberta Mahan, Citrus Park

I have used Perfection Cleaning of Tampa for over three years now and the services are the best I have seen from any other cleaning company.  Dirt and grime completely overlooked by other companies I have used in St. Louis, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale are NEVER missed by Breginia Jordan and her team.  They truly live up to the “PERFECT” in PERFECTION!  The best part is the price is amazing for the level of work performed.  Perfection’s standard cleaning is far better than other companies deep cleaning and when Perfection does do a deep cleaning for me 2x per year, my place is sparkling!  Thanks Breginia!

Doug Kelleher, New Tampa

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Ex-Buccaneer Punter and Placekicker Dave Green

To Whom It May Concern:

It is imperative to me that I do business with people that I not only trust, but find reliable. This is especially true when having someone working on or in my home. I confidently endorse Breginia and her company. Her attention to detail goes beyond my expectations. I am totally pleased with her work. It is a great feeling to knowI can leave and do my work and be worry-free as she is doing her job. I love how she works diligently and with an upbeat attitude and always so joyful. If you like walking into a fresh smelling, super clean home and knowing knowing your valuables are where you left them, then Breginia is your girl. Feel free to call for my reference.

David Green

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